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Our Vision

Commercial real estate conversations suck. Ever since the first multifamily property sale over 170 years ago, commercial real estate conversations have been hampered by a process that favors the transaction over the investment potential. With its insular fixation on price and a lack of sophisticated tools, these transactions are often plagued by miscommunication and disagreements about valuation. According to the National Association of Realtors, these conflicts cause over a third of transactions to collapse before closing. Between brokers improperly calculating the cash flow statements, unknowingly tainting reported data, and locking that data into read-only formats... to be honest, it's a wonder deals ever get done at all.

Now, imagine a different conversation. A conversation where sellers, brokers, and investors share comprehensive, reliable data that help everyone understand each other's unique viewpoints. One that presents an untainted and unbiased view of the past actions that created the present financial situation, and allows Investors to envision the possibilities of the future. A conversation that explores 'what if' instead of 'how much'?

AdvancedREI makes this conversation a reality. Our system enables brokers to be more effective and efficient in marketing their properties, while giving investors the crucial data they need to quickly arrive at their first answer. In this new world, the process is transparent, saves time, and helps the relationships move into a stance of trust and collaboration where all parties communicate based on mutual understanding.

This is the new conversation - investor focused and data-driven. This is AdvancedREI.

Financial Intelligence

AdvancedREI provides actionable analysis based on long-term rental patterns in ways most Excel spreadsheets just can't handle.

Market Intelligence

From demographics to rental comps to what's nearby, we pull together key data from across the Internet to give you the bigger picture.

Artificial Intelligence

AdvancedREI connects the dots between financial, property, and market data to provide context in ways you won't find anywhere else.

Human Intelligence

We've built our 30 years of combined real estate and technical experience into the system, to guide you every step of the way.



Easy Modeling

See results in as little as five minutes with the easiest financial modeling tool in the industry.

Better Algorithms

We model each unit individually based on actual rental patterns, not simplified averages.

Ten-Year Forecasts

A year's worth of data helps you find the price. A decade's worth helps you understand the investment potential.


We pull data from multiple sources to help you better understand current and potential customers.

Area Amenities

In a bad part of town? Our mapping tools show you how nearby businesses might be affecting rent.

Rental Comps

See the rental properties nearby, the rents they are charging, and how their amenities affect the market.

Flexible Scenarios

Build on the current operating reality to easily play with many different potential outcomes.

Occupancy Report

Dive deep into the rental income to see your revenue for every unit, every month, for 10 years.

Compare Methods

See how our more realistic modeling compares to the simplified averages the industry currently uses.


are you under-reporting your cash flow?

The industry-standard multi-family calculations under-report your cash flow by as much as 40%! Let us show you why in our weekly webinar.


Jeff was a successful commercial real estate broker looking to build the tools his clients didn't have. Robert was a long-time software architect looking for his next great adventure. Together, we've set out to change how people think about real estate.

Jeff Yrueta

Co-Founder and CEO

Robert McLaws

Co-Founder and CTO



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