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Welcome to 30 Days of Version 3.0!

Today is a very exciting day here at AdvancedREI. After months of work, we've finally pushed AdvancedREI 3.0 out to all of our customers. This is a massive update to our commercial real estate financials-as-a-service platform that makes institution-quality results accessible to everyone.

There are so many improvements to the product; covering all of the new features in a single post would be impossible. So instead, we’re riffing of "The 12 days of Christmas", and celebrating with a series of bite-sized blog posts called “30 Days of 3.0.” Throughout the month of December, we’ll go over a new feature every day. And virtually every post is 300 words or less, so we won't waste your time in any given post.

We have tons of awesome content lined up, talking about everything from our new Financial Engine, our new Discounted Cash Flow breakdowns, to our new help features. Every day, a new article will go live, and we'll add a new entry to the list below.

Day 1: Introduction (this post)
Day 2: New Financial Engine
Day 3: Standard Term
Day 4: Turnovers
Day 5: Annual Rent Increases
Day 6: Last Rent Increase
Day 7: No Prior Tenant
Day 8: Compounding
Day 9: New Construction
Day 10: "Starts On"
Day 11: "Calculated By" Units
Day 12: Ledgers "Amount" Changes
Day 13: How "Calculated By" and "Starts On" Work Together
Day 14: Returns & DCF Analysis
Day 15: Cap Rates & Price
Day 16: Cumulative Cash Invested
Day 17: Debt Remaining
Day 19: Net Proceeds From Sale
Day 20: Return on Investment
Day 21: Net Present Value
Day 22: Internal Rate of Return
Day 23: New Header Navigation
Day 24: Learning Center
Day 25: New Item Experience
Day 26: Real-Time Chat
Day 27: New Help Dialog
Day 28: My Account
Day 29: My Plan
Day 30: Looking Ahead

While we were putting AdvancedREI 3.0 together the past few months, we crossed over $2B in assets managed by our users. We’re so grateful to you for being a part of this wonderful journey to bring better CRE financials to the masses. Version 3.0 sets the stage for you to manage the next $2B and beyond, and we hope you keep the feedback coming, so we can make you more productive than ever before.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the heart of our platform, our totally re-built Financial Engine. Until then, we hope you have a fantastic day! :)