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30 Days of 3.0 – Day 30: Looking Ahead

Well, we're finally here. It's the last day of our “30 Days of 3.0” series. Yesterday we talked about the new rental patterns we generated, and how we fixed a long-standing problem with how we applied Turnover costs. Today, we’re going to give you a glimpse into what’s ahead as we stare face to face with what is sure to be an interesting 2016.

We have always said that the first part of our job, getting this experience right, was going to be the hardest. It’s hard to get people to see the value in making the data entry simple, because until we can hook into property management software (something we’re working on), no one “looks forward” to doing data entry.

But after you get that part right, that’s where the real fun begins. Because once you have the data, there are all kinds of cool things you can do with it. We have plans to show you information you never thought possible to see, especially if you are just getting started in this industry.

In 2016, you can expect to see new and better data sources, new ways to experiment with entrance and exit strategies. New ways to understand your impact as a broker, and new ways for investors to understand their entire portfolio. If all goes well, you’ll see us announce new strategic moves, and you’ll see us in more places as we expand.

The 3rd version is typically where software “gets it right”. And we’re just getting started. Thanks for coming on this ride with us over the last 30 days. Be sure to try out all these changes, and let us know if you have any feedback.

All of us at AdvancedREI hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2016! Now get out there and Get Deals Done.