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Now Available: Expanded Property Options!

I'm really excited to announce our first expansion beyond Multi-Family properties. Today we're announcing support for two new property types: Single Family homes, and Shared Office / Coworking space. These property types are natural offshoots of our current capabilities, and provide the foundation for work we are doing supporting the full gamut of office and retail properties.

Along with this expanded support comes additional improvements we've made to the "New Property" process. We've made it easier to pick the property you want when your search returns multiple results, and we now add multiple search results to the map, as you would expect. We've fixed over a dozen smaller issues based on customer feedback, and have made the process much more robust behind-the-scenes. But we're not done with this page yet, and will be rolling out more changes before the end of the year, if all goes well.

This release also has dozens of visual improvements throughout the site, including a cleaner design on the iPad for both Chrome and Safari. Special thanks to our Apple + Chrome users, as they found a bug in Microsoft's web framework that was causing login issues. Not only we were able to mitigate the problem, but we also alerted Microsoft to the issue, and were able to provide them the fix as well.

So check out our expanded offerings, add your properties to your portfolio, and as always, we'd love to hear your feedback!

-Jeff and Robert