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Welcome to AdvancedREI 2.0

As you might have noticed, it has been quiet for a while around here. That's because Robert and I have been hard at work, day and night, for the last 8 months. You see, in the middle of releasing updates to the platform last year, we felt like we needed more than incremental updates. Application design was evolving rapidly, and the site was beginning to feel dated. Not as dated as some other sites in the industry, mind you... but compared to other Silicon Valley startups, it was rough. We weren't taking full advantage of the screen space. We weren't finger-friendly. People were having a hard time using the app. It was frustrating for everyone... especially us.

We initially designed it to make it easy for brokers to get data into the system... but we realized that investors would be the ones to spend the most time using the app (if we got it right, of course). So we decided to radically re-think how people use the system. We conducted additional research, and discovered that almost all of the apps / services / innovation in commercial real estate are designed for and marketed to brokers. There are almost no services designed to help investors accomplish any of the tasks they need in order to make informed decisions.

So, obviously, we had to change that.

So with a long list of design issues and new industry problems to tackle, we set out to re-build the system. We kept the back-end system and the financial calculations largely intact, but we needed a new design that was going to scale to more than just the website. We needed to be able to support (future) Android, iPhone, and Windows apps that you can install and run from the Store. We needed to be able to scale each portion of the independently as traffic demands. We needed to be designed and built for the cloud.

We needed the web app to work on (almost) any device. With touch devices so pervasive these days, we needed it to work just as well on an iPhone as it does on a Windows tablet. We needed the app to fill the screen, fill your mind with ideas, and fulfill your needs. We needed to connect the dots, and connect people in ways this industry hasn't seen before.

And we needed it, like, yesterday.

So about 270 "yesterdays" later, here we are. We have a new app, a new web presense, a new mission, and a new focus. We still have the same core ideas, and the same core functionality, but a much larger purpose. We are Real Estate Investment Intelligence that helps you make smarter investment decisions. And we do it all with a human touch that is rare in software these days. We've infused our personality in the app, so you feel like we're right here, ready to help. We're going to bake right into the app insights from our experience that you won't find anywhere else.

We've got a lot more to say, and a lot more work in front of us. But we're confident you haven't seen anything like this. So click the button on the right and give us a try, and please let us know what you think!