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Release Notes for Build 04/12

The following is a summary of the changes for the build released on April 12th, 2013.

New Features:

  • Delete Scenarios - You can now remove Scenarios from the "Scenarios" tab on the Property Details page. Scenarios that have not been shared with anyone will be permanently deleted. Scenarios that HAVE been shared will be marked invisible to all members, but elements will be retained to preserve the integrity of the Sharing Statistics.


  • Optimized the Property Details page for faster load times. It now loads up to twice as fast in most cases.
  • The DataGrids on the Property Details page now show a "loading" image and deactivate the buttons while they are saving data back to the server. This is the same behavior as when they are fetching data from the server.
  • Added more visual feedback to the "submit" buttons on the Property Copy and Scenario Copy dialogs.
  • The "Copy Scenario" process now returns a friendly error if you try to create a Scenario with the name "Baseline", which is the name reserved for our default Scenario.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a few issues with the Financial Overview chart that made it load improperly in certain situations.

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