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Release Notes for Build 12/30

The following is a summary of the changes for the build released on December 30th, 2012.

New Features:

  • None


  • Changed the profile picture placeholder to something more dynamic.
  • Reduced the amount of data needed to render the Property Details page, which has improved page load times.
  • Improved the way Features were displayed and processed on the Property Details Edit mode.
  • The Property Details page now automatically refreshes when you close Edit Mode if you've submitted any updates.
  • Updated Bootstrap to the latest version to bring our Windows 8 & IE10 support inline with the shipping version.
  • Styling fixes for the Bootstrap Tooltips.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the outstanding issue where some notifications were not showing up in your Inbox or Sent Items under certain limited conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where email events were not being processed in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the user login process was unnecessarily reporting errors that were handled later in the code.

Known Issues Still Outstanding:

  • None at the moment.